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The baby food recipes that you are going to read in this article are suitable for babies around 4 to 6 months old particularly those who already have shown interest in eating solid foods. A great tip you can do when making baby food recipes at home is to have a food processor. Having a food processor won’t just save you money in the long term but it will also make your life easier because it’s basically built to do a lot of things; from blending to puree all in one. So make sure to get yourself a handy dandy food processor. In this article, you'll learn about baby food recipes.

Grape Puree

Step #1:

Once you have your food processor ready, fill it up with grapes and water. Make sure to remove all of the stems. Put it in the processor and then press the steam button. Make sure to steam it for 15 minutes. There are some food processors that has a helpful guide on the side of the machine for you to know how long to steam each type of food. For instance, greens are supposed to be steamed for 10 minutes while fruits are at 15 minutes. For meats and veggies, it’s around 20 to 30 minutes.

Step #2:

After steaming the grapes, you can remove the liquid from the bowl and pour it in your child’s container for later. That grape juice is also great to feed toddlers, or you can also use it to add to the puree just in case it is not thin enough for young babies. Since from 4 to 6 months, you would want your babies food to be quite thin so that they can swallow it easily.

Step #3:

Once you’ve done that, take the grapes back to the food processor and press the puree button.

Apricot Puree

The next one is Apricot puree.

Step #1:

Slice the apricots in half. Open it up and just pull out the pit. Then put the slices in the steamer basket of the food processor. But since apricots have a fuzzy skin which is not good for your baby. So what you need to do is to steam it for 5 minutes. After that, you can let It cool for a bit or run it with cold water. Once you do that, you can easily peel the skin off of the fruit.

Step #2:

Once you are done with peeling the skin off, just put the apricots back in the food processor and steam it for another 10 minutes.

Step #3:

After steaming the apricots, you can remove the liquid from the bowl and pour it in your child’s container for later. Once you’ve done that, take the apricots back to the food processor and press the puree button.

Step #4:

Pour the fruit on the cup of your choice and you can actually store it that way. Make sure to cool it a bit before you put the lid on especially before you offer it to your baby.

Sweet Potato Puree

Step #1:

Get some sweet potatoes and peel the skin off. You can also do the same thing with carrots or butternut squash. For butternut squash however, you must heat it up in the microwave for a few minutes so you can easily peel of the skin.

Step #2:

Slice the sweet potatoes and chop it into cubes. And same with the fruits, you just place it in the food processor but this time you have to steam it for 20 minutes. Once that’s done, take out the juice again, and place the sweet potatoes back to the food processor for puree.

Step #3:

A great tip is if you find that the baby food recipe is too thick for your 4 to 6 month old baby; what you can do is just a little bit more of water into your food processor to thin it down, then put it back and continue doing the puree.

In addition to saving money, most parents just love the fact that they know what kind of food are going into their child’s mouth. And since for the first stage, there aren’t many options out there; so being able to feed your child with a few more options is really nice to switch things up and get your baby used to other flavors.

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